Lade Campaign

Death of Dakeyras

Bite of the bulette

The adventure began after the party defeated Robar’s image from a Mirror of Opposition in the forest outside of the Mine Ravine.

Moving into the ravine, the party heard activity around a bend that turned out to be several gnolls. After maneuvering for a surprise attack but realizing that they had been detected as well, the party managed to slay one gnoll as the other three escaped, calling for companions named Urg and Grumm. They returned with much meaner companions, one of which issued a challenge—a larger, bulky gnoll with a strange glow in his eyes. It was obvious, despite his offer for an honorable duel, they there was no intent to honor the pact should the leader fall. However, the gnolls did not anticipate that their hero would fall in a single blow from Dakeyras. In the ensuing brawl, the majority of the gnolls were slain in Cleaves from Dake’s falchion.

While exploring a vista, Robar spotted a dark marble wall, behind which sat a triangular tower of some sort. The party descended into the area inside of the wall, where Dakeyras fell to a bulette—it spit him out after swallowing him, as bulette do not like the taste of dwarves. However, Dake never recovered form his wounds and died as he lay beneath the shadow of the triangular tower.

EP: 600 each.

Nates character re-roll: « 4d6d1 = 13 » « 4d6d1 = 15 » « 4d6d1 = 13 » « 4d6d1 = 6 » « 4d6d1 = 9 » « 4d6d1 = 12 »


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