Dwarf of Noble birth, the second of 3 brothers, questing for family honor and wealth, for a place among his betters.



Lvl 6 Dwarf, Fighter

HP 52

Current Exp (8/10) = 18051

Lawful Neutral

Ability Scores

Strength 16 (+3)

Dexterity 13 (+1)

Constitution 15 (+2)

Intelligence 9 (-1)

Wisdom 12 (+1)

Charisma 4 (-3)


AC = 27 w/out any dodge bonuses

Longsword +1 [1d8], Crit 19/20×2

Masterwork Composite Longbow Str +3, [1d8], Crit x3 range inc 110

Favored Attacks – Power Attack, Cleave, Charge, Defensive Fighting


Fortitude save: +7

Reflex save: +3

Will save: +3

+2 to search stone, can search for “Difficult” traps but only if in stone.

+4 to avoid trip and bull rush, overrun

+2 against poison

+1 against spells

+1 against Orcs/Goblins

+4 Dodge Giants/Trolls


Full Plate Armor, Tower Shield – family heirlooms, old, significantly impressive, possibly magical.

Check Penalty of 14 w/armor and shield, 9 w/out shield


Size: Medium

Height: 4’ 4”

Weight: 200 lb

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Black; Straight; Thick Beard / Hirsute

Dakeyras’ Lost Younger Brother is remembered as:

Dwarvan house conscripted to the military. Unsure exactly what led to his exit from service, but was encouraged by superiors to “seek other, more appropriate work” as they put it. Abivalent and ambiguous about most things, seeking adventure, wealth, and little else. Unconcerned with companionship but loyal as a whim to those he chooses. Motivated to protect and defend out of a somewhat selfish need to show off. At times uncontrollable and rash in a fight. Honorable to a point, would not be “displeased” if he brings honor to his house,as long as it doesnt interfere with pesonal profit.


The name of Dakeyras is a family tradition, all sons of the noble house are named Dakeyras. Unlike his younger brother who could care less of family honor, being the middle son, Dakeyras is consumed by it. Dakeyras is not the favored son (he has another older brother who will be heir) and as such he feels he needs to prove himself through accumulation of wealth and reputation from adventuring. Thus bringing honor to his house, and therefore to himself. He begins his quest searching for his younger brother for nearly a decade, learns in Lade that a relatively new, yet quite famous gladiator with his brother’s description (in fact with his own resemblance to his brother he was mistaken for the gladiator on more than one occasion) was seen leaving the city in the company of a dark garbed rouge and an extremely ugly human. Convinced his brother has fallen in with wayward adventurers, and knowing of his brother’s rash impulsiveness(this too runs in the family) and knack for finding trouble he sets out to locate them.


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