Lade Campaign

What's for Dinner?

Phantom feasts and malnourished minds

Glowing numbers in a corridor ceiling revealed the combination to a lock the group passed. It opened a panel that led into a decaying dining room. While exploring the room, Robar discovered a secret stash below the floorboards— a dagger that appeared to be of fine craftsmanship, trimmed in gold rope, a potion in a vial decorated with two pewter snakes with crimson eyes, and a potion in a plain bottle that glowed faintly red. Just as Robar turned to show his newly found loot, two shadows, formerly a drow couple, materialized and insisted the group eat. When the group was unable to supply any food, the shadows attacked, draining Dakeyras and Muerte before they were slain.

The group camped for 8 hours to recover from the ability drain.

The two corridors leading deeper into the Cynosure dungeons were both blocked by a lowered portcullis. With assistance, Dakeyras was able to lift one. Muerte was immediately attacked and paralyzed by two tentacled brains when he entered the chamber beyond, and one of the brains started dragging him away. In the chaos of battle, Yuushi became locked outside of chamber in which the rest of the party battled. he was, however, able to land a hurled potion vial, which shattered upon impact. Robar quickly dispatched of the brain that held Muerte, but the second brain escaped, as it was too far for Dakeyras to effectively attack.


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