Lade Campaign

Turf War

The Cynosure at last...

Ulren made a special trip to the Bloody Unicorn to deliver news about the Cynosure. It seemed there was an entrance that was somewhat attainable. The only barrier to entry was a mage and his cronies with the same intent. Word was, they had succeeded in getting to the brink of entry but encountered a “difficulty” and were searching for assistance in overcoming it. Their lack of discretion in recruiting created a bigger problem—those who could potentially help were instead trying to find the secret entrance on their own.

Ulren offered two options. His contact wanted over 2000 gp to give the location up, and Ulren was willing to pay for a return of 2x once the group had the money. Alternatively, he had a group that wanted to own it and they would front the money and then take it over after it was cleared. The party chose the former.

The entrance was in an alley behind a tavern in the District Prime—pavers had been removed and an area excavated to gain access to the sewers. Upon dropping into the hole, Dakeyras was warned to retreat by an faceless voice, and then attacked. The group easily overcame a pair of rogues for a foothold in the entrance. A series of traps and an ambush created more difficulty as the group advanced.

A second ambush proved quite unnerving for Robar and Dakeyras. Robar pried open a large peep hole in a door and two arrows flew at his face. He stepped back and Dakeyras burst through the door, triggering a bladed pendulum trap that caught him square in the chest, but with typical dwarven constitution he advanced, slaying one bandit and causing the other to flee. In the ensuing minutes, the group advanced toward the final hold of the mage and his cronies. They burst into their sewer camp and dispatched of the squatters convincingly.

After a few hours rest, the party took on the final challenge of the sewers—a huge construct of flesh. Robar was again wounded before Dake and Yuushi could rush in and present more difficult targets. Dakeyras fended grapple attempts until a final blow from Muerte ended the skirmish. The path into the Cynosure dungeons was cleared—an 8-foot diameter bottomless hole in the floor.

The first discovery of the Cynosure was a sepulcher riddled with keyholes. In attempting to pick one lock, Robar set off a trap—a gargoyle was released, intent on harming it’s liberator. The party dispatched it, and Robar set to opening the sepulcher once again—with success. Inside, the party looted the belongings of a mummy—an armor and shield of polished steel and jade, a helm of silver, gold, and a dark cabochon gem, an odd ring, and a longsword.


We found some Brasers, a ring, and spell book on the mage halfling.

Turf War

cabochon: a precious stone of convex hemispherical or oval form, polished but not cut into facets.

Turf War
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