Lade Campaign

What's for Dinner?
Phantom feasts and malnourished minds

Glowing numbers in a corridor ceiling revealed the combination to a lock the group passed. It opened a panel that led into a decaying dining room. While exploring the room, Robar discovered a secret stash below the floorboards— a dagger that appeared to be of fine craftsmanship, trimmed in gold rope, a potion in a vial decorated with two pewter snakes with crimson eyes, and a potion in a plain bottle that glowed faintly red. Just as Robar turned to show his newly found loot, two shadows, formerly a drow couple, materialized and insisted the group eat. When the group was unable to supply any food, the shadows attacked, draining Dakeyras and Muerte before they were slain.

The group camped for 8 hours to recover from the ability drain.

The two corridors leading deeper into the Cynosure dungeons were both blocked by a lowered portcullis. With assistance, Dakeyras was able to lift one. Muerte was immediately attacked and paralyzed by two tentacled brains when he entered the chamber beyond, and one of the brains started dragging him away. In the chaos of battle, Yuushi became locked outside of chamber in which the rest of the party battled. he was, however, able to land a hurled potion vial, which shattered upon impact. Robar quickly dispatched of the brain that held Muerte, but the second brain escaped, as it was too far for Dakeyras to effectively attack.

Turf War
The Cynosure at last...

Ulren made a special trip to the Bloody Unicorn to deliver news about the Cynosure. It seemed there was an entrance that was somewhat attainable. The only barrier to entry was a mage and his cronies with the same intent. Word was, they had succeeded in getting to the brink of entry but encountered a “difficulty” and were searching for assistance in overcoming it. Their lack of discretion in recruiting created a bigger problem—those who could potentially help were instead trying to find the secret entrance on their own.

Ulren offered two options. His contact wanted over 2000 gp to give the location up, and Ulren was willing to pay for a return of 2x once the group had the money. Alternatively, he had a group that wanted to own it and they would front the money and then take it over after it was cleared. The party chose the former.

The entrance was in an alley behind a tavern in the District Prime—pavers had been removed and an area excavated to gain access to the sewers. Upon dropping into the hole, Dakeyras was warned to retreat by an faceless voice, and then attacked. The group easily overcame a pair of rogues for a foothold in the entrance. A series of traps and an ambush created more difficulty as the group advanced.

A second ambush proved quite unnerving for Robar and Dakeyras. Robar pried open a large peep hole in a door and two arrows flew at his face. He stepped back and Dakeyras burst through the door, triggering a bladed pendulum trap that caught him square in the chest, but with typical dwarven constitution he advanced, slaying one bandit and causing the other to flee. In the ensuing minutes, the group advanced toward the final hold of the mage and his cronies. They burst into their sewer camp and dispatched of the squatters convincingly.

After a few hours rest, the party took on the final challenge of the sewers—a huge construct of flesh. Robar was again wounded before Dake and Yuushi could rush in and present more difficult targets. Dakeyras fended grapple attempts until a final blow from Muerte ended the skirmish. The path into the Cynosure dungeons was cleared—an 8-foot diameter bottomless hole in the floor.

The first discovery of the Cynosure was a sepulcher riddled with keyholes. In attempting to pick one lock, Robar set off a trap—a gargoyle was released, intent on harming it’s liberator. The party dispatched it, and Robar set to opening the sepulcher once again—with success. Inside, the party looted the belongings of a mummy—an armor and shield of polished steel and jade, a helm of silver, gold, and a dark cabochon gem, an odd ring, and a longsword.

The Spider's Lair

After a night of recovery after the fight with the long-fingered zombie, the party proceeded to the lair of Sirrop the Redcap, defeated him and his minions, and looted his chambers, gaining 800 gp and 4 amethysts after Dakeyras avoided a scorpion’s attack in the cache. Five Redcap teeth were collected.

The final area of the mines was covered in webs, which Robar burnt away with flaming arrows, driving spiders into a final room. Near the cave entrance, there was a body upon which Dake found an emblem he recognized as a Derro family crest. Muerte softened earth to prevent Dakeyras from having to remove his armor to pass through a narrow section. The party was immediately attacked by cast webs and harpoons from a large spiny spider. Despite injury from the largest spider’s spines upon attacking it, Dakeyras dispatched it with little trouble thanks to help from Muerte’s spells and Robar’s well-placed bow sneak attacks.

Dakeyras found 300 gp and a flaming scimitar behind an altar in the room.

Also in the room was a large hole, about 200’ deep. Robar explored the bottom and heard signs of mining and a flow of water. Dakeyras suspected that the tube may lead to the Great Delve, and knew of a city nearby where he may have family. The group decided to camp and explore further, despite signs of Derro and Duergar in the mine caves.

The River Mines

Dakeyras’ brother, Dakeyras, finds the party in the ravine leading into the mine, and during an argument, Redcaps begin to attack the party from above the mine entrance. Things continue to go south until Dakeyras charges up the ravine wall and slays three of the redcaps.

Distrust aside, the group agrees to move into the cave, wading into the shallow creek, and immediately meets resistance from more Redcaps and a lone oversized spider. Robar is poisoned but it’s secondary effects are delayed by a spell from Muerte.

Two more groups of redcaps attack and are repelled by the group, with only minor casualties save a scythe crit (x4) on Dakeyras.

The group is then greeted by an odd redcap named Norrop, who appears to be a tinkerer of exceptional skill. Robar trades him bones he found on a mesa in the ravine for a whip of spider silk and a bobbin of spider silk thread. Dakeyras trades two sunrods for an odd fiddle of stretched green material and spider silk in addition to a regal cloak woven of spider silk with an iridescent appearance. Norrop tells them of a large spider and a long-fingered zombie that resides in nearby caves. He offers to reveal the location of his brother’s hoard in exchange for slaying of the long-fingered zombie, but asks them not to mention it to his brother, as he would beat him.

The group leaves Norrop and finds the long-fingered zombie just after Robar evades a glyph that brings down a column of flame on his head. After several rounds of combat, the zombie bargains to leave, offering the PCs lives and information on it’s hoard, and they release it. He reveals the trigger word to a wand of Knock (“Come in”)and the purpose of a snake-shaped brass rod (will track a living being for 100 miles once it draws their blood). His parting words are, “May you regret releasing me for the rest of your lives.”

Dakeyras and Robar split 1200 gp from the hoard and four amethysts. Robar takes the two magical items.

EP: 1700 each.

Death of Dakeyras
Bite of the bulette

The adventure began after the party defeated Robar’s image from a Mirror of Opposition in the forest outside of the Mine Ravine.

Moving into the ravine, the party heard activity around a bend that turned out to be several gnolls. After maneuvering for a surprise attack but realizing that they had been detected as well, the party managed to slay one gnoll as the other three escaped, calling for companions named Urg and Grumm. They returned with much meaner companions, one of which issued a challenge—a larger, bulky gnoll with a strange glow in his eyes. It was obvious, despite his offer for an honorable duel, they there was no intent to honor the pact should the leader fall. However, the gnolls did not anticipate that their hero would fall in a single blow from Dakeyras. In the ensuing brawl, the majority of the gnolls were slain in Cleaves from Dake’s falchion.

While exploring a vista, Robar spotted a dark marble wall, behind which sat a triangular tower of some sort. The party descended into the area inside of the wall, where Dakeyras fell to a bulette—it spit him out after swallowing him, as bulette do not like the taste of dwarves. However, Dake never recovered form his wounds and died as he lay beneath the shadow of the triangular tower.

EP: 600 each.

Nates character re-roll: « 4d6d1 = 13 » « 4d6d1 = 15 » « 4d6d1 = 13 » « 4d6d1 = 6 » « 4d6d1 = 9 » « 4d6d1 = 12 »


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